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(Part 2)


During the last decades of the 19th century and early 20 century, about two million people from all regions of the former Kingdom of Poland occupied by Russia, Prussia, and Austria emigrated to the United States of America.

The main reasons were the unsuccessful attempts by Poles to regain independence. All the revolts, especially in Russia, were bloodily suppressed.

Young people were leaving in search of opportunities and freedom.

Fortunately, people were free to leave the country. This would not be possible under communism.

The following Rymaszewski arrivals in America were found in the incomplete electronic records of Ellis Island:

  • Josef Rymaszewski, aged 25 years, arrived in 1910 from Wasilowczyzna, Russia ***
  • Jozef Rymaszewski, aged 19 years, arrived in 1913 from Lelance, Russia ***
  • Kazniws Rymaszewski, aged 38 years, arrived in 1911 from Kuchezyce, Russia ***
  • Wiksorya Rimaszewska, aged 20 years, arrived in 1911 from Domincze, Russia ***
  • Leo Rynaszewski, aged 20 years, arrived in 1921 from Berlin, Germany.

*** Above geographic names before the word "Russia" indicate the arrivals came from former Poland, i.e. Polish sector of the Russian partition of Poland.

Some records were misspelled due to
wrong reading and interpretation of the sound of a name
or poor translation from their documents in the Russian language. E.g. Wiksorya Rimaszewska, should be Wiktorja or Wiktoria Rymaszewska. OR Leo Rynaszewski, should be Leo Rymaszewski.

The picture on the left is of a 24 page Russian (Tsarist) passport issued at the end of 19th century with Imperial Russian Eagle on top.

The title means "FOREIGN PASSPORT" and the words "Holder's signature" below the title are written in Russian, German and French.

The immigrant's names, his children and all other personal details were handwritten on the second and third page of the passport.

The cover page just contained signature of the immigrant - there was no photo at those times. Signature was the identification (and the possesion of the passport itself).

Ellis Island located in New York Bay served as the chief entry station for immigrants to the US from 1892 to 1924.

Nowadays Ellis Island Foundation is building up electronic archives of millions of immigrants. So far they only put up about 30 years on the archives. They also have Website:




    Browsing on the internet, the American Social Security Death Index had records of deceased persons whose deaths had been reported to the Social Security. The Index contained the following Rymaszewski surnames:

  • (+) Felix (Telesfor) Rymaszewski - (2 Feb 1883 - Jul 1967) 53219 Milwaukee, WI
  • (+) Carl M. (Mieczyslaw) Rymaszewski - (4 Nov 1923 - 27 Dec 1988) 53219 Milwaukee, WI
  • (+) Peter M. Rymaszewski - (21 Apr 1913 - 18 Jun 1994) 53218 Milwaukee, WI
  • (+) Dolores K. Rymaszewski - wife of William, (28 Feb 1923 - 12 Jan 1998) 53215 Milwkee, WI
  • (+) William F. Rymaszewski - (3 Jan 1925 - 15 Jul 1988) 53215 Milwaukee, WI
  • (+) Edward E. Rymaszewski - (8 Jul 1927 - Jan 1981) 53215 Milwaukee, WI

It would appear from the above, that a Rymaszewski family must have had settled in USA, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
(see arrow on the map)

After initial contact through the Message Board of "FamilyHistory.com",
I received the following family information sent to me from Milwaukee by David Rymaszewski.  

Email no. 004 in Chapter 15

in Milwaukee, Wisconsin State

where his grandfather Telesfor, born in Sluck in the Russian partition of Poland, emigrated to in 1905, and they still keep the Polish tradition


  • David Alan Rymaszewski, age 54 (in 2006)
    901 S. 75th St, West Allis, WI
    53214-3016 USA
    Phone: + 414 771 4780
    Email: rym0004@gmail.com
  • Jody Ann Rymaszewski (neé Bramble) - David's wife, born 11 February.
    Jody is the President of Wisconsin Geological Society.
  • James (Jim) Rymaszewski - David and Jody's first son, born on 11 September 1982.
  • Daniel (Dan) Rymaszewski - David and Jody's second son, born on 25 March 1986. Dan obtained perfect score in January 2004 High School Mathematics League.

    Family in 2001 - From left:
    • David • Jody Ann • Dan and • Jim

David Rymaszewski's family in 2006.

From left:• Daniel (Dan) age 20 • Jody Ann
• James (Jim) age 24 • David, age

Year 2005 - David's and Jody's visit to Chris Rymaszewski in Terespol, Poland in 2005

Joanna's (Chris's sister) visit
to Milwaukee in 2007


Easter 2008
David's family latest photos

Year 2011
Dan Rymaszewski's wedding
to Deanna

Jody has been awarded a geology degree in 2007, her second major. The pictures show Jody viewing basalts on Lake Superior shore in Minnesota; and doing field research, examining faults and joints in SE Wisconsin.

Jody's Email:

Jody and David Rymaszewski - Christmas 2008

David's relatives in Wisconsin are :

Mother :

• Phyllis J. Rymaszewski, (neé Kwiatkowski) wife of Carl Michael (Mieczeslaw) Rymaszewski. Phyllis lived 91 years and died in Milwaukee on 22 October 2015.

Older sister :

• Janet M. Rymaszewski, born 1 September 1949, married Terrence F. Falk on 20 April 1974. Mobile:040 557 2558
They have two children Katharine and Carl.

Photos of Janet M. Falk (ne
é Rymaszewski) family

Younger sister :

• Lois Ann Rymaszewski, born 21 November 1956, married Mark Alexander Lucas in Milwaukee on 8 October 1983. (Ref: Wisconsin Marriages 1973-1997). They have two children Jaclyn and Gregory.

Youngest sister :

• Lynn Marie Rymaszewski, born of 3 October 1960, married Lyle Wayne Conner in Milwaukee on 25 May 1985. (Ref: Wisconsin Marriages 1973-1997). They have three daughters Amanda, Abigail and Amelia.

Younger brother :

John Gerard Rymaszewski, born 11 February 1964, married Janet (Jan) Therese Wachal on 17 November 1990. They have two children Angela and John.
Address: 18370 San Lucas Court, Brookfield, WI 53045

David's cousin Robert (Bob) Rymaszewski and his wife Heidi have been flying kites and show-kites together since 1992.

Bob is the President of Wisconsin Kiters Kite Club in Milwaukee. Search the Internet for the Club's website to see some great pictures of flying kites.

Cousin :
• Robert (Bob) Gerard Rymaszewski, the son of Edward. Married to Heidi Louise Leissring, ANP, CDE, diabetes nurse in Milwaukee. Address: 3266 South 44th Street, Greenfield, WI 53219. (Photo above)

Uncle (and Godfather):
Edward F. Rymaszewski, son of Telesfor (Felix) and brother of David's father Carl-Mieczeslaw. He is the father of Robert (Bob) above. Edward, born in 1920, died peacefully on July 8, 2005 at the age of 84 after a courageous battle with cancer.

Edward and his late brother Carl-Mieczeslaw were both WW2 veterans. Edward served in the US Navy aboard a ship in the Pacific, a member of Krejci-Brown-Maier VFW Post # 7485.


In his emails David Rymaszewski wrote:
See also Chapter 12: Rymaszewski ancestors(1) (19th century)

In documents here in the States of my grandfather Telesfor's immigration, he lists Slutsk 1883 as the place and date of birth, the son of Wincent. On marriage documents his place of birth is Sluck, year 1883, and his parents are listed as Wincent Rymaszewski (father) and Albina (nee) Rymaszewska (mother). In Chapter 11 of your website I believe I have found a link to our family here, where there is a list of landowners in the Minsk Province, dated 1889. I believe that Wincenty, son of Albert, in the vicinity of Sluck may be my great grandfather.

Wincenty and Albina, my grandfather's parents in Sluck, Poland, had three children, all boys:
      1. Telesfor, born 1883
      2. Adam
, born 1885
      3. Wilhelm
, born 1888

(1) Telesfor (Felix) Rymaszewski, emigrated to the States with his brother Wilhelm in 1905 - see below

(2) Adam
Rymaszewski, younger brother of Telesfor, was born in 1885 in Slutsk. He went to study in St.Petersburg and was caught up in the turmoil of Bolshevik revolution in Russia. St.Petersburg was then renamed to Leningrad, USSR. Due to hard life under communism he died prematurely, aged 52, in 1937 during the terror of Yezov, Stalin's right hand man. Adam was married and had two daughters, both now living in Russia.

(3) Wilhelm
Rymaszewski, born in 1888, also came to the States. He tragically died in 1918 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aged 30. Wilhelm was never married and had no children.


 Telesfor (Felix) Rymaszewski,
David's grandfather, is the son of Wincenty and Albina. Telesfor was born in 1883. The family lived in Sluck (Slutsk) in the eastern Poland under the rule of the Russian Tsar.

At the age of 22 he decided to emigrate to the United States, together with his younger brother Wilhelm aged 17, via port Hamburg in Germany. He arrived in New York in 1905 and settled in Milwaukee area. Five years later, in 1910, he married Anna Zieziulewicz .



Two brothers Rymaszewski, Telesfor (now aged 27) and Wilhelm (now 22), at the Telesfor's wedding to Anna Zieziulewicz at St. Hyacinths Church in Milwaukee, WI, in 1910.

Missing is the other brother, Adam, who stayed with parents in Sluck and was trapped in Russia after Bolshevik revolution.

Wilhelm was the Best Man. He died tragically in 1918, aged 30.  


Telesfor Rymaszewski
and Anna Zieziulewicz had 5 children, born in Milwaukee, USA.

(1) Janina, born 1911.
(2) Helena, born 1914.
(3) Alicia, born 1917.
(4) Edward, born 1920.
(5) Mieczeslaw, born 1923, David's father.

  • Janina married Ray Dzibinski.
  • Helena married Wilmer Heagler.
  • Alicia married Norbert Serowski.
  • Edward married Eugenia Sobczak.
  • Mieczeslaw married Phyllis J. Kwiatkowski.

Wilhelm Rymaszewski,
Telesfor's brother
1888 - 1918


The Rymaszewski Family in Milwaukee, USA.

(back row)
Alicia (age 20) and
Edward (age 17)

(front row)
Janina (age 26)
Telesfor (age 54)
Anna ( - )
Mieczeslaw-Carl (age14)
and Helena (age 23)


1943 (Wartime).

On the photo is David's father and grandfather: MIECZESLAW, aged 20, and TELESFOR aged 60. The photo was taken during Second World War.

Mieczeslaw is in US Army uniform. His elder brother, Edward, was already in the US Navy, serving aboard a ship in the Pacific. Next year, in 1944, young Mieczeslaw was also sent to war with the US Army. First to a base in England, and then after D-Day landings, he saw much action in France and Germany.

After the war, Mieczeslaw had his difficult to pronounce first name legally changed to CARL MICHAEL Rymaszewski.

Later he married Miss Phyllis Kwiatkowski and they had six children: three daughters, Janet M., Lois A., and Lynn M., and three sons, James M. (who died in infancy), David Alan, and John G.

Telesfor died in 1967 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aged 84.

Mieczeslaw (Carl), born in 1923, died on 27 December 1988 aged 65, due to illness.
His wife Phyllis died in Milwaukee on 22 October 2015 aged 91.

The photo of his son DAVID together with his own family taken in 2006, is above at the beginning.

1943 - Telesfor Rymaszewski, aged 60, with his youngest
son Mieczeslaw aged 20 (David's father).

Descendants of ADAM Rymaszewski, the missing brother of TELESFOR and WILHELM who emigrated to USA in 1905 from SLUCK in Russian partition of Poland, have been found thanks to this website. Read below.

Email #1
Hello David,

My name is Snejanna Ivanova and I am the great-granddaughter of Adam Rymaszewski, Telesfor's and Wilhelm's brother.

I've found your email address in this site of Rymaszewsky families, just couple of hours before... and I'm still under the shock )...

First I beg your pardon for my broken English, my first language is Russian and I speak mostly ............. here in ..............., where I live for 17 last years. I remember that I tried to find your family after my .................. to .............., but could't do it due to misspelling of family's name (as I see now)...or, probably, because your site didn't exist yet at that moment.

We, in my family, always knew and remembered about the existence of Telesfor's relatives, as far as I know there was a short period of time when they exchanged letters...but in some period my family cut it off, because it had became too dangerous for them to keep that contact with people from abroad.

I'll start with sending your some photos. Adam and Emiliya (Milia as they called her) had four children: my grandmother Yanina was second in the family (she passed away in 1996). I am the daughter of Eduard - Yanina's son (he died from cancer last year...) ...but Adam's offspring is big enough )))... actually you have a lot of relatives all around in Russia, in Canada and even in Spain...

I'm 53, teaching art, separated, I have two children and now live with my daughter, her name is Yanina )....

My best wishes to your and your family and thank you a lot! for putting all that information in net!


Email #2
19 January 2016

Hello Dave!
I was very glad to get your letter! Thanks a lot!
It's a kind of miracle - this meeting, yes?))

...Actually this is my father Eduard (grandson of Adam), who is your second cousin, not me:
and you are my second uncle (does it exist?), and a very young one !))

...I was that very girl in our family who bothered elders with questions about the family's past. Now it's became useful somehow, because I remember the details and data that nobody else keeps in mind. But I absolutely have to visit my two second aunts ( Inna and Elena, daughters of Yadviga) because they have to keep in memory different from mine's set of details... (All I could get from my closest family, I'd got it long before...)))

...I really don't know where to start from... And I have so many questions to ask you.
You have to know much more about the family of Adam and Telesfor. I know absolutely nothing about them: that was the first time I've ever seen the name of their mother - Albina (beautiful one!)...
So, any kind of information will be appreciated! And I'd like to know more about Telesfor's family as well...

I can't say, unfortunately, that I know too much about life of Adam... Because my grandmother Yanina didn't want to talk about her parents till I was about 16 years old - she was really scared, and she has all the reasons to be.
Adam was killed by Yezhov's dogs (KGB men) in 1937, his wife Emilia was sent to Gulag and spent there 10(!) years...that was trauma for all, and the probable reason of
early death of Stanislav, the smallest child... They all lived extremely difficult and dangerous lives, too much things for one (or even - for two) generations!..but yes, I know something - for sure!

I wonder - what will be the best solution?...we can just talk by phone or Skype, when I'll fix my camera - ( something is wrong with it), but writing "regular" letters give us the TEXT, that we can keep, send or develop...what do you think about?..

I've just moved in new apartment, my papers are somewhere - all around... I have some more photos, I'll send it to your later. And may I ask you to introduce me to Krzysztof by sending him all of my
letters, please...I have a cousin in Poland, my goodness!!)))...

Say hello to your wife from me,
It's pity that I couldn't meet you both when you were in ................, hope that wasn't the last time...)


Adam and Emiliya Rymaszewski in Sluck - year 1911


Adam Rymaszewski in Sluck - year 1920

Yanina with daughter Eleanora (age 15) and son Eduard (age 18) - year 1955

Eduard Ivanov with Snejana (age 5) - year 1967


    Photo found in "Facebook" >>>

  • Angela Rymaszewski, Brookfield, Wisconsin. Brookfield Central High School.

    It appears that Angela is the daughter of
    John Gerard Rymaszewski (see above, David Rymaszewski's family) and Janet Therese Wachal who live in Brookfield, WI 53045

  • Amy Rymaszewski, Summer Research Fellowship 2007 Recipient, Category A - to advance her career in plant genetics at Research and Doctoral University of WisconsinMilwaukee



  • Jeffrey J Rymaszewski, lecturer, Real Estate & Urban Development, University of Wisconsin, 513 Brookdale Ct, Sth Milwaukee, WI 53172 1212, Phone: (414) 764-0066
  • Jeff Rymaszewski, SBA, Wisconsin University, married to Miss Harenda, Milwaukee, WI.
  • (+) Emily Rymaszewski, died in 2001 in Wisconsin (fom "One World Tree")
  • Lorraine Rymaszewski, South Milwaukee, WI. (listed in 2000 Phone Directory)
  • Z. Rymaszewski, biomedic, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Wisconsin (contd.)

Descendants in the USA of Jan Florian Rymaszewski.
Information sent to me on 11 December 2011 by Diana Wiggins, email:  Diana@discoveringyourbest.com
daughter of Louise Rymaszewski and Wilbur Coffey ,

John (Jan) Florian Rymaszewski emigrated to the USA from Eastern Poland (the Rymaszewski clan native area) then under Russian Tzarist Rule. Year unknown. He also had a sister Anna.
John Florian Rymaszewski married Louise Wojdal who died on March 10 1942. And John died on February 10 1957.
John and Louise had the following children, born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin:
William Rymaszewski, who married Deloris, and their children were Mary, Ellen, Linda, Carol, Theresa, Peggy, William .
Ervin Daniel Rymaszewski, who married Libby Wasserman, and their children were Richard, Debra and Sandra.
Edward Rymaszewski, who married Lorraine, and their children were Shery and Jeffery.
Daniel Rymaszewski, unmarried and deceased.
Louise Martha Rymaszewski (my mother), who married Wilbur John Coffey, and their children were:
Debra Louise Coffey, who married Roy Stein,
Diana Lee Coffey (myself), who married Daniel Rowley (deceased) and married currently to Robert Wiggins.
   My children are Danyella, Danise and Devon.
Darla Ann Coffey married Brian Brown and their children are Jennifer and Stacy
Ronald John Coffey not married
David George Coffey not married
Loretta Rymaszewski married Ervin Lisowski, and their children are Lisa, John and Robert
John Rymaszewski married Mary

  • Ervin D Rymaszewski, 12015 N Sun Valley Dr, Sun City, AZ. 85351-3650, Phone: (602)933-544+

  • Sandra Rymaszewski was born in Los Angeles, California (California Birth Index 1905-1995).
  • C. & J. Rymaszewski, (listed in 2002 California Phone Directory), CA.
  • Jessica Angela Rayes born in Riverside, California, married Rymaszewski.
  • Asia Rymaszewska, Bakersfield, CA (Name from "Facebook")

  • (+) Michael Rymaszewski, Danielson, CT. Born 10.11.1882. Died October 1969 in Windham, CT


  • Helen Rymaszewski, medical doctor, sociologist, Adelphi University Hospital, 1982, member Medical Society, Florida. (Helen D Rymaszewski is listed in 2002 Phone Directory as Hull, Hollywood, FL)

2004, Dec.12 :

John Rymaszewski at the piano during Candlelighting Event at St.Joseph Polish National Catholic Church. Davie, Florida.

  • John and dr.Helen Rymaszewski, Davie,
    took part in Harvest Moon Ball Championships in1974.

  • (+) Wanda Rymaszewski, deceased in Davie, Florida.


Dr Helen V Rymaszewski,
P.A.Clinical Social Work/Therapist

The Centre at Stirling & Palm, Inc.
9900 Stirling Road, Exec.Suite #213
Hollywood, Florida 33024

phone: (954) 929-0859



  • Josef Rymaszewski, lived in Cook, Illinois (from Military - WW1 Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918)

  • (+) Victoria Rymaszewska, Sioux City, IA.   Victoria came to USA on 6 April 1911. Recorded on Ellis Island as : Wiksorya Rimaszewska (Wiktorja Rymaszewska), aged 20. She married John Gedwillo in Sioux City.
  • Her father Antoni Rymaszewski (Anton in Russian) lived in the Russian partition of Poland, in Minsk gubernia, possibly in the town of Kopyl during the later part of the 19th century. Antoni Rymaszewski and his wife Marja (Palahayka?) Polahajska (?) had following children : Wiktorja, Aleksandra, Paulina, Helena (died at age 14), Stefanja and the youngest Piotr Rymaszewski.
  • Stefanja Rymaszewska went to USA before Wiktorja, and married there Adam Seredinsky (Steredrynski?).
    (Information on Message Board of RootsWeb.com by Nadine - 16 Mar 2005).

    ADDITIONAL INFORMATION received on 13 May 2007
    Victoria (Rymaszewska) Gedwillo passed away in May 1985, her son John Gedwillo died before her in 1983. Information sent by email by surviving Victoria's grandson, Thomas Gedwillo, Lincoln, Nebraska, USA.
    Email: thomasgedwillo@alltel.net

See also:
Email from Leszek Rymaszewski in Legnica, Poland

Other links to relevant information:
• Chapter 12 (1): Ancestors - The Records
• Chapter 14 (1): Rymaszewskis World-wide

Photo of Jill's parents and grandfather Josef is below:

PHOTO ABOVE, dated 1960 :
Rymaszewski (Rumoshosky) is wearing a hat. His son Adam is behind him. Then there is Adam's wife Rose, and their children Tim, Jill and Beth.

Rymaszewski, born in 1891, the son of Franciszek, lived with his brother Waclaw in Swidicze (Svidichi), near Kopyl, in the area of Rymaszewski family origin, then in the Russian partition of Poland.
Josef then emigrated to the United States with his fiance Agata, early 1914, and they settled in New York State. Their son Adam was born on 31 October 1914. Josef died around 1963.

Adam Rumoshosky (Rymaszewski) married Rose Pappert on August 1, 1942 and had four children. He died in May, 2007 at the age of 92.

The children:
Tim Adam Rumoshosky (born 10/30/48) - now living in Arizona
Jill Marguerite Rumoshosky (born June 12, 1951), now Jill Rumoshosky Werner, living in Kansas
Beth Marita Rumoshosky (born November 30, 1953), now Beth Minasi, living in New York
Edward Tim Rumoshosky (died in infancy)

Jozef's brother,
Waclaw Rymaszewski
(and his wife Maria) in
Swidicze, Poland,
circa 1914.

  • (+) Adam V Rymaszewski, 11 Brandywine Rd, West Boylston, MA. 01583-2001, Phone: (508)835-39, died in 2001, Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • (+) Wanda Rymaszewski, born 28.12.1919, died 28.3.1999, West Boylson, MA. (Mas.Death Index 1970-2001, gives Worcester, MA)
  • John Rymaszewski, 49 F St, Hull, MA 02045-1830, Phone: (781)925-142
  • John jr. Rymaszewski, Hull, MA. (listed in 1994 Phone Directory)
  • Josh Rymaszewski, Boston, MA (photo from "Facebook" >>>)

  • Kaitlin Rymaszewski, Hull, MA. Hull High School 2007.
    (photo from "Facebook" >>>)

  • Paul Rymaszewski (born 1958) married Marcia Fishman (born 1962) in Randolph, MA in 1994. They have 3 children:
  • Rachel Shari Rymaszewski (b.1998)
  • Matthew Richard Rymaszewski (b. 2000)
  • Melissa Jada Rymaszewski (b. 2003)

  • (+) Mary Rymaszewska, born 17.12.1898, died October 1985. Deaborn, MI. (?in Wayne, MI)
  • (+) Joseph Rymaszewski, born abt. 1871, resident in Kent, MI, (1910 US Fed. Census).
  • (+) Joseph Rymaszewski, born abt. 1884, resident in Wayne, MI, (1930 US Fed. Census).
  • (+) Sofia Rymaszewski, born abt. 1882, resident in Wayne, MI, (1930 US Fed. Census).
  • Paul Rymaszewski, born abt. 1911, resident in Wayne, MI, (1930 US Fed. Census).
  • Jennie Rymaszewski, born abt. 1919, resident in Wayne, MI, (1930 US Fed. Census).
  • Tessy Rymaszewski, born abt. 1921, resident in Wayne, MI, (1930 US Fed. Census).

  • (+) Anastasia Rymaszewski, aka Wanda Franekforter, died in 1997 in Missoula, Montana (Death Index 1954-2002)

New Hampshire
  • (+) Walter Joseph Rymaszewski, born in New Hampshire, NH, died in 1988 (California Death Index 1940-1997).

New Jersey
  • Eva Rymaszewski - Rutgers, Alum - North Jersey, NJ
    Photo from "Facebook" >>> but which one is she? the one in the middle looks Polish.

  • Anton Joseph (Antoni Jozef) Rymaszewski, was born in 1887. He arrived in the USA before the First World War from the eastern part of Poland under Russian rule. Poland did not exist on the map of Europe at that time. Consequently his nationality was described in american documents as Russian. He Lived in Custer Street, Jamesburg, New Jersey. At the time of his naturalization as a U.S. citizen, he changed his name to Anton Joseph Raym.

    The above information and copies of documents below, was sent to me on 2 January 2011, by his descendant :

    Keith Raym

    Shoo-Fly of NC, LLC
    (919) 367-0310
    Email: shooflync@aol.com
    Website: http://www.shooflync.com

New York

The family of Eugene (Gene) John Paul Rymaszewski

  • Eugene and Jean Rymaszewski,
    8 Windham Ct, Clifton Park, NY 12065-6239
    Phone: (518) 383-6928

    Eugene (Eugeniusz) J. Rymaszewski, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute,
    Associate Director, Center for Integrated Electronics & Electronics Manufacturing.
    6213, Center for Industrial Innovation.
    Tel: (518) 276-8657.

Eugene (Gene) Rymaszewski's family background :
(Email no.140, dated 7 July 2010)

My family past is documented for about 150 years, and hearsay adds about another 50.

I am 85 years old. Born in Rostov-on-Don from Polish parents: Father John, born 1896 in Minsk and died in 1971 near Poughkeepsie, NY, and Mother Maria Frelek of Materkowski clan, born in 1899 in Czenstochova(?) and died in 1985 near Poughkeepsie, NY.

My Grandfather Anthony was born in Minsk in 1863 and died in Rostov in 1923. His Father was Kazimir and his Grandfather was Stanislaw. Kazimir was ostensibly banned by the tsarist government to Kamchatka peninsula and died there.

At the end of WW2, I was in Munich, saved from deportation to USSR by a Polish/American interrogating officer. In 1950 I graduated as a Diplom-Ingenieur, with all credits for a Dr.Ing. from the Technical University in Munich and joined a German subsidiary of ITT, developing microwave communication equipment.

In 1956, I came to Poughkeepsie, NY and joined an advanced computer team at the IBM Research Laboratory. Many subsequent promotions culminated in a Director of IBM European Component Development, headquartered in Paris, France. Upon retirement from IBM in 1989, I became a part-time Research Professor at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

In 2005 I retired again, at the age of 80.
I underwent TWO quintuple cardiac by-pass operations, 32 and 22 years ago.
Eugene John Paul Rymaszewski (Gene)

Gene's grandfather, Antoni Rymaszewski, born in Minsk in Russia in 1863, soon after Polish "November" Uprising in 1861 against the Russian rule. His father was Kazimir Rymaszewski, the son of Stanislaw. Due to his involvement in Polish freedom movement, Kazimir was exiled by the tsarist police to Kamchatka peninsula and died there.

Gene's maternal grandfather Josef Frelek

Gene's father, Jan Rymaszewski, born in Minsk in 1896, a cadet officer in the Russian tsarist army during WW1

Brother Anatol, lived 1927-1945

Gene's parents, John Rymaszewski and Maria, leaving Munich in American zone of postwar occupation of Germany, for USA in 1950

Young Eugene Rymaszewski after graduation as a Diplom-Ingenieur, with all credits for a Dr.Ing. from the Technical University in Munich, Germany in 1950

Jean Elizabeth, nee Churchill, and Eugene were married in June 1965

Eugene John Paul Rymaszewski retiring from IBM in 1989 after service as a Director of IBM European Component Development

85 years old Gene in January 2010.
Gene Rymaszewski, born in 1925, died on 23 March 2011.

Krzysztof Rymaszewski from Terespol, Poland contacted Eugene Rymaszewski through the Internet and invited him to the First Gathering of Rymaszewski Families in Kolobrzeg, Poland in October 1998 (see Chapter 13). After the Gathering, Krzysztof's sister Joanna, then 17 years old, was invited to visit USA .

Photos: Joanna Rymaszewska from Terespol, Poland being entairtained by Gene and Jeannnie Rymaszewski in the USA. Year 2000.

New York (cntd)
  • Adam V. Rymaszewski, was born in New York City in 1917 (J.R. Spears - RootsWeb.com)
  • W. Rymaszewski (listed in 1994 NY Phone Directory).
  • (+) Adam Rymaszewski, from Depew, New York. Private, U.S. Army Transportation Corps, 168th. Took part in American Intervation in Northern Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution, end of WW1 (1918-1919)
  • (+) Adolf Rymaszewski, lived in New York, New York (from Military - WW1 Draft Registration Cards 1917-1918)
  • (+) Albert Rymaszewski, Born 18.2.1886. Died May 1956.
  • (+) Johan Rymaszewski, Pough Keepsie, NY. Born 16.10.1896. Died May 1971, in Dutchess, NY.
  • (+) Julian Rymaszewski, East Meadow, NY. Born 24.11.1916. Died October 1995. in Nassau, NY.
  • (+) Karol Rymaszewski (Charles Rymashewsky), born on 2 June 1910 (1919?) in Russian partition of Poland, emigrated to USA to Mineola, NY and died there on 6 March 1964. He married Mary Rzeznik. They had a son Richard Rymaszewski, who was born on 15 August (30 July?) 1950 in New York and died on 21 December 1990 in Mineola, NY, a daughter Lydia Ann, who married Craig Esslinger, and a daughter Tina who married William O'Balley. Tina had three sons: Charles Henry, Ethan William and Dylan Michael. [MSR-459,531 - dated 27.02.2000]
  • (+) Maria Rymaszewska, Patterson, NY. Born 11.7.1899. Died May 1985, in Dutchess, NY.
  • Maria Rymaszewski Truex, Albany , NY. (Photo from "Facebook" >>>)
  • (+) Michael Rimashewski, New York. Born about 1882. Emigrated at the beginning 20 cent. from Slutsk (Sluck) area, Russian partition of Poland. Died in 1969, leaving no children.
  • (+) Stanislaw Rymaszewski, Brooklyn, NY. Born 25.5.1903. Died November 1971, in Kings, NY.
  • (+) Vincent (Wincenty) Rymaszewski, died in 1959 in N.Y.City, New York (information from Joanie Spears - joaniespears@yahoo.com, dated April 2003).
  • (+) Wanda Rymaszewski, Newbrugh, NY. Born 4.11.1912. Died 22.6.1989, in Orange, NY.

  ------- ?
  • (+) Antoni Rymaszewski, and his daughter Franciszka (Frances). A Note by Franek Rymaszewski, author of this website: I remember my mother, feeling lonely and insecure after the arrest of my father by the KGB during Soviet invasion of Eastern Poland in 1939, mentioned to me that we had a relative in the USA but she did not know his address. His name was: Antoni Rymaszewski and he had a daughter Franciszka. As to their ages, mother thought (in 1939) that "Antoni must be already getting old because Franciszka was probably not a young girl any more". From this I am guessing that Antoni was probably born around 1890-95 and emigrated after First World War from Eastern Poland, probably around 1924.
  • Antoni Rymaszewski figures in Immigration - Baltimore Passengers Lists 1892-1948.
  • Josef Rymaszewski (Jonas Rimaszawkas) figures in Immigration - Baltimore Passengers Lists 1892-1948. (The name in brackets is the Lithuanian language equivalent, indicating possible residence in Wilno or Kowno area)
  • Franz Rymaszewski ), born in Russia (i.e. in Eastern Poland under Russian Tzar's Rule). Franz or Frants, in Russian is equivalent of Franciszek in Polish. From Immigration - see Galveston Passengers Lists 1896-1948 for date of birth.
  • Julian Rymaszewski, born in Russia (i.e. in Eastern Poland under Russian Tzar's Rule), from Immigration - see Galveston Passengers Lists 1896-1948 for date of birth.
  • N. Rymaszewski, married Lorraine Tuchalski [MSR-77].
  • N. Rymaszewski, Elmdale, Greenfield (in Indiana? Ohio? Massachusets?), Zesp.Podst. [MSR-77]
  • N. Rymaszewska, married N. Deutsch. Their daughter is Wanda Deutsch. [MSR-476].

  • Klaudia Rymaszewski. Photo from "Facebook" >>>

  • (+) Dionizy Rymaszewski, Youngstown, OH. Born 22.5.1909. Died 26.11. 1995, in Mahoning, Ohio.(Ohio Deaths 1958-2000)
  • J. Rymaszewski, Cincinnati, OH, (listed in 2000 Phone Directory).
  • dr. Joanna Rymaszewska, assistant manager of Molecular Research Centre in Cincinnati, OH.
  • (+) Leon Rymaszewski, Cleveland, OH. Born 25.5.1911. Died May 1977, in Cuyahoga, Ohio. (Ohio Deaths 1958-2000)
  • Leon Rymaszewski, (listed in 1994 Ohio Phone Directory).
  • (+) Lucyna Rymaszewska, Cleveland, OH.
    Born 30.10.1914. Died 30.7.1995, in Cuyahoga, Ohio.
    (Ohio Deaths 1958-2000)
  • Michal Rymaszewski, Cincinnati, OH, (listed in 2000 Phone Directory).
  • Michal Rymaszewski, biochemist.
  • Z. Rymaszewski, doctor Dept.of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, 1988, Cincinnati, OH.
  • (+) dr. Zbyszek Rymaszewski, cardiologist, professor.
  • (+) Zbigniew Rymaszewski, Born 4.9.1942. Died 4.7.1994. (Social Security Death Index, and Ohio Deaths 1958-2000) (Kentucky Death Index 1911-2000, gives death 1994 in St. Bernard, Mason, Ohio)


in PENNSYLVANIA, originally from Kuszelewo near Nowogródek, Poland.
Mail no. 006 in Chapter 15
  • Dr Stanislaw Rymaszewski, born in 1929.
    803 Martingale Road
    Schwenksville, PA-19473, USA

    Email: rymaszew@jjmb.net

    and his wife Aleksandra Pasinska arrived in the USA from Poland in 1980. During the persecution of Solidarity Independence Movement, the family obtained political asylum in the States and remained there as exiles.

    Stanislaw and Aleksandra have two children :
    - a daughter Anna
    - and a son Piotr

  • Anna (Ania) completed her studies at St.Joseph's University in Philadelphia with overseas program in Strasburg, France. She married John Jason (Jasiek) Brzozowski and lives in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.

    They have a beautiful daughter Sabina (Sabinka) (see photo alongside), a son Dominik born in March 2005, and another little girl Sofie born in 2007.

    Anna's email:anna@jjmb.net or jjmb@jjmb.com

Stanislaw Rymaszewski with his wife Aleksandra Pasinska (Olenka) and their grand-daughter, lovely Sabinka Brzozowski

  • Piotr Rymaszewski was born in 1964. He obtained a degree of B.A. in Physics at the University of Pennsylvania in 1987, and degree of Juris Doctor from the Cornell University in Ithaca. When Poland regained her independence after Solidarity Movement's victory in 1989, Piotr returned to homeland. He now lives in Warsaw, is married to Malgosia Sedziak. They have two charming daughters: Joanna and Alicja. And recently a little son was born to them on 17 June 2008. He was named Tomasz Stanislaw Rymaszewski. See also Directory of Rymaszewski names in Poland.

Stanislaw Rymaszewski with his wife Aleksandra and lovely Sabinka visiting Poland. Photo on the beach by the Baltic Sea


Stanislaw's mother: Maria

  • Maria (daughter of Klement) from the family of Sapieszko, lived with her four brothers and parents in Szostaki, near Minsk in tsarist Russia.
    Maria, similarly to Boleslaw her future husband, escaped to Poland from the Bolshevik-Communist terror together with two brothers.

    One brother - Walerian - settled in Wilno and became a policeman. When the Soviets reoccupied eastern Poland after the war in 1945, Walerian in Wilno was arrested and sent to hard labour in Donbas mines. The other brother - Florian - a former graduate of a Russian officer's college, became a captain in Polish Border Guards (KOP). The other two brothers who remained on the Soviet side of the border were arrested by the KGB: Witold - spent over 20 years in prisons and gulags, finally at notorious Solovetskiye Islands on White Sea; Ksawery - disappeared without trace.

    Photo depicts a typical family of Polish inhabitants of "Kresy" - the Borderlands or Eastern Frontier, in the tsarist Russian sector of partitioned Poland. After Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 they became subject of Stalin's terror and gradual extermination.

Stanislaw's maternal grandmother is in the centre of the photo and his two uncles with their wives and children each side. Witold on the left, spent over 20 years in prisons and gulags, including the notorious Solovetskiye Islands on White Sea. On the right, Ksawery, also arrested by the KGB, disappeared without trace, no doubt killed.

Stanislaw's father: Boleslaw
  • Boleslaw Rymaszewski (the son of Stanislaw) lived with his parents in the Polish territory of the Russian Tsars Empire, on their estate in Rudniki (see map in Chapter 12, it's middle-top edge) near Kopyl, Minsk guberniya (province).

    After Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 he left home and escaped to resurrected in 1918 independent Poland where he lived with some relatives in Nieswiez (Nesvizh).

    Boleslaw's three sisters, who remained under Communist terror in what became a Belorussian Soviet Republic, were deported by the KGB with their families to inhuman life in Kazakhstan steppes with no right to return.

    Around 1928, Boleslaw left Nieswiez and settled in Nowogródek district where he had a position of a ranger-gamekeeper in the lake Switez state forests inspectorate. He had a cottage and office in Kuszelewo where he lived with his family, and they built a new house in nearby town Nowojelnia (Novoyel'nya).

    Boleslaw and Maria had three children:

  • Bohdan, born in 1927, who was studying in Nowogródek and lived in lodgings.
  • Stanislaw (Stashek), born in 1929, attended local school in Kuszelewo.
  • Regina (Renia), born in 1935, an infant.

    The Soviet apparatus of terror, which invaded eastern Poland in 1939, continued its extermination of Polish population.

    KRESY, Poland - 1939

    On 10 February 1940, ten year old Stanislaw (Stashek) (he is on the left at the bottom of the photo) was deported together with his parents Boleslaw and Maria and siblings Bohdan and Renia, to a gulag in Arkhangelsk area near Arctic Circle, all as labourers-convicts.

Photo taken shortly before forced deportation of the family to penal colony.

Stanislaw's father wears the uniform of a state forest ranger-gamekeeper. According to communist mentality, Polish government employees in uniform represented the privileged class, an "anti-Soviet element".

Fortunately, fate decided that the family miraculously survived slavery and famine for 6 years.

And in spite of their own hardships, Stanislaw's parents also took under their care two children, one each, from other two families whose parents have all died in the gulag.

GDANSK, Poland - 1946

After the end of war, in 1946, in a deceitful gesture of "goodwill" calculated to consolidate absolute Soviet control and communization of Poland, the family was repatriated by Soviet authorities to Poland, together with any surviving Polish convicts and deportees.

Of course, they could not return to their own homes and possessions as their lands in "Kresy" were already annexed as part of the USSR, and their property was confiscated.

The family, and now 16 year old Stashek, settled among war ruins in port city of Gdansk on the Baltic Sea.



It was not until the Soviet Evil Empire collapsed and broke up into separate states, that Stanislaw could publish in free, independent Poland (after 1989) the truth about his very young years spent in the Soviet captivity, his slavery and famine, then his survival and return to life in Poland, albeit it was life in the communist Polish People's Republic.

Stasiek is standing first on the left. Then Renia, Bogdan. The parents, Maria and Boleslaw, are sitting.


Third edition, published in 2004, updated and enlarged. ISBN: 83-89091-46-1


UPROOTED from beyond river Bug

Apart from his memoirs of personal hardships and survival under communism, the author deals with the fate of all Poles who inhabited "Kresy", the area to the east of river Bug.

It also contains thorough analysis of relevant contemporary historical events based on accurate, recently published sources.

The book, written in the Polish language covers period from 1940 to 1953. If you come from "Kresy" and you can read Polish, I recommend this excellent book.

Click here to see some



The truth about Poland's suffering at Soviet hands has hardly been reported in books and media in the West. Soviet propaganda has been accepted as truth.

The author, despite his age and health, is now trying to translate and publish these books in English.

Any Polish Organisation or sponsor interested in making this valuable work available to English speaking readers, and wishes to offer assistance in any form, will be greatly appreciated.

Bug is the river beyond which the lands to the east in prewar Poland were often referred to as "Kresy Wschodnie" or just "Kresy", meaning Eastern Borderlands.  

"Kresy'" were inhabited for centuries by Rymaszewski families.  

In 1939, this part of Poland was invaded by Communist Russia, the Polish population was "ethnically cleansed" and the area was incorporated into the Soviet Union. See yellow coloured area on the map.
(Map by Franek Rymaszewski, 2005)

ISBN 83-89091-57-7
Published in 2005

2. ROZBITEK z "Arki"- Gdynia 

 CASTAWAY from the "Ark" Gdynia

A sequel book covering period from 1953 to 2005. It relates to continuation of author's experiences in his employment in deep-sea fishing industry in port Gdynia, maritime matters and struggles with the seas, all against historical and political background of a socialist system imposed on Poland by the Soviet Union.

In the second part of the book Stanislaw Rymaszewski describes how he sought political asylum in the USA and his hard life of an exile.

The image of oil painting by Stanislaw Rymaszewski "The stormy sea" was used on book cover.
See the Painting

Stanislaw on a fishing boat of "Arka" Gdynia

Published in 2006


3. W OBRONIE  ZAGINIONYCH  KRZYZY — protest Sybiraka

IN DEFENCE OF  MISSING CROSSES - a Siberian deportee's protest

Recently a report has been published in Poland regarding the number of Polish victims who were deported by the Soviets to Siberia in years 1939-1941.

The report was prepared with reference to Russian "historians" who based their fabricated research on former shoddy and fake NKVD(KGB) and Communist Party documents. As a result the number of deportees in the report was cut to one quarter of the real number !!!

n the face of this gross lie and falsification of history about the repression of Poles by the Soviets, Stanislaw Rymaszewski, a surviving witness, wrote this book presenting the correct, reliable sources and statistics to prove the facts.


An excerpt from the book (in Polish)

Fragment rozdzialu W OBRONIE ZAGINIONYCH KRZYZY pt. "Historykom ku rozwadze"

Na podstawie przytoczonej w niniejszej "Obronie zaginionych krzyzy" oceny ''bazy zródlowej'' sowieckiego archiwum, przyjetej dla weryfikacji liczby polskich zeslanców, z przykroscia stwierdzam, ze dane zawarte w raporcie pt. "Represje sowieckie wobec Polaków i obywateli polskich", stanowia zaklamanie jednego z wiekszych rozdzialów historii martyrologii narodu polskiego; martyrologii polskiej ludnosci kresowej z zeslan w latach 1940-1941 do ZSRR.
W sytuacji kiedy brak danych uniemozliwia uscislenie prawdy, to niech w historii pozostanie ta dostepna prawda, która zostala ustalona przez ofiary ''na zywo'' - w przedziale wielkosci, a nie precyzyjnie dokumentowane klamstwo oprawcy.

Niedopuszczalne jest, by mord dokonany na ponad pólmilionowej masie obywateli polskich z terenów bylych Kresów Rzeczypospolitej, zwekslowany zostal na tory zapomnienia droga jakiejs nieodpowiedzialnej weryfikacji. Nie moze tez byc upowaznieniem dla takiej weryfikacji oslona w postaci koordynacji z historykami Rosji, Bialorusi i Litwy.

Published in 2008

4. W OBRONIE  ZAGINIONYCH  SYBERYJSKICH KRZYZY — zeznania lesoruba** - swiadka z procesu, jakiego nie bylo i nie bedzie

IN DEFENCE OF  THE MISSING SIBERIAN CROSSES - lesorub's ** testimony as a witness in a trial that never was and never will be

(** lesorub , in Russian: woodcutter, forest cutter)

Stanislaw Rymaszewski is not giving up.
In the absence of positive reaction to his first book he continues the fight to preserve the truth about atrocities perpetrated by Communism on Poles in Kresy. He has written a NEW book. This time the book is a scientific study using statistics, mathematics and probability algorithms, proving the falsification of the official report regarding the number of deportees from Kresy occupied by the Soviets in 1939 - 1941.

The number of deportees at the time of their arrest was not less than one million, of which about 380 thousand survived. Others - the missing crosses of the martyred by starvation and slave labor - are the crosses of more than 660 thousand. Honoring the memory of siberian deportees without remembrance of those who did not return would be guilty shame - desecration of the memory of the "Golgotha of the East "

Stanislaw sent his book to the President of Poland and all relevant Polish government departments, institutes and agencies, with a letter requesting the withdrawal of the Report and review of the issue. Also he sent copies to Polish Siberian deportees groups.


Trampling the truth and the honored memory

Podpis: Zadeptywanie prawdy i uhonorowanej pamieci


Siberian deportees archives and Russian "scientific archives" in Polish circulation

Podpis: Archiwalia zeslancow i "naukowe archiwalia" rosyjskie - w obiegu polskim

An excerpt (in Polish): W ostatnim slowie swiadek lesorub „wnosi”: o dokonanie zapisu – nie do akt sadowych procesu, jakiego nie bylo i nie bedzie, a do „akt” historii martyrologii polskiej ludnosci kresowej, liczebnosci deportowanych w glab ZSSR w latach 1940-1941 – w oparciu o rzetelnie przeprowadzone badania i wymazania klamstwa o deportacji 320 tysiecy, pochodzacego z tzw. weryfikacji w raporcie pt. Represje sowieckie wobec Polaków i obywateli polskich...

Liczebnosc deportowanych w momencie ich aresztowania wynosila nie mniej niz jeden milion, z tego przezylo okolo 380 tys. Pozostali – to zaginione krzyze po zameczonych glodem i katorznicza praca – w liczbie ponad 660 tys. Uhonorowanie pamieci o sybirakach, bez upamietnienia tych, którzy nie wrócili, stanowiloby karygodna hanbe – profanacje pamieci o „Golgocie Wschodu”.

The author
Rymaszewski (b.1929)

Clicking on book cover will link to Polish website of Marpress publishers and their catalogue (details, on-line order).

Books can be found
in section "Historia" (History) and "Wspomnienia" (Memoirs).

Marpress prices in Polish zlotys (2009) :



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4: MY FAMILY ANCESTRY in POLAND   13: Rymaszewskis in present-day POLAND
5: PINSK UNDER COMMUNIST TYRANNY 10: Descendants in AUSTRALIA - Part 1     14: Rymaszewskis  WORLD-WIDE (Part 1)
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